Use our simple yet sophisticated budget template and get one step closer to financial peace of mind! Our Planners recorded a video that will provide the best financial planning advice needed to fill in our budget planner. You can watch it below or via our YouTube channel.

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Reasons To Use A Budget Planner

Having full oversight of your finances means that you are in control of where your money goes and how it is utilised. Using a budget planner forces you to consider your goals and potentially move those goalposts so that they align with your financial vision. 

Let’s be honest, many of us will tap our cards or phones without putting much thought into the impact it will have on our bank balance. By integrating a budget planner into your life, you make yourself aware of your spending habits as well as how much you allocate to each area of your life. What is not measured, cannot be managed.

I don’t have a financial plan, but wouldn’t know where to start.” This is more common than you’d think! Laying out your finances means that you have a better understanding as to where your money is going. “I spend €100 a month on subscriptions!?” And other realisations are what we often hear.

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