Your financial life is like a jigsaw

SYS was established in 2015 to bring a new standard in financial planning to business owners, professionals and families. From our network of offices across Ireland, our team of experienced and trusted financial consultants deliver valuable and expert financial advice.

About SYS Group

Formerly SYS Wealth & Financial Planners Ltd, SYS Group is a full-service financial consultancy with in-house expertise in all the areas that make up our financial lives. From our network of offices across Ireland, our experienced and expert financial consultants deliver tailored financial advice. 

We help you plan your financial future, provide for your retirement, protect your family and grow your wealth. Simple as that.

Financial Expertise at SYS Group

Our team of dedicated financial experts, help you manage your wealth and provide financial clarity and certainty about your future, through the delivery of our sophisticated yet simple solutions.

We help you to carefully plan your financial future, protect your family, provide for your retirement and build your investment portfolio, using the best available financial products in the market

We want the opportunity to work with you over many years, guiding you to make better decisions about your financial life, to support you, to live your life to the full

Our Story

SYS was founded by its CEO Tony Delaney in 2015 to set a new standard in financial planning for business owners, professionals and families. 

With almost 30 years of experience in personal finance behind him, Tony is highly respected in the field. He is known for his honesty, integrity and dedication to his customers and employees. 

Prior to founding SYS, Tony spent 24 years in senior positions within the financial services Industry. A conscientious and relationship-focused pensions and investment specialist, Tony is respected by a strong network of clients. His emphasis on providing a high level of customer service has seen SYS grow exponentially from its beginnings in the sitting room of his home to four offices nationwide and almost 40 members of staff.

Tony always has an eye on the future and this keeps the business moving forward. The company currently has €200 million under management with the goal of reaching €500 million within the next three years.

Our Journey

We’re always attracting new investment, it is of course the nature of the business itself. The company currently has 200 million under management and its goal is to have 500 million under management within the next three years. Something we’re confident that we will achieve.

The 5-step process

Our team of dedicated financial consultants provide a range of services across retirement planning, wealth management, mortgages and financial planning. But what does all that mean? All of the aforementioned essentially means we have your best financial needs in mind. We cater to a wide client profile, from mortgage holders to families, the self-employed and employees. We support our clients in navigating the sometimes tricky environment of pensions and investments.

Our financial consultants combine their expertise with software to answer the relevant questions you need answered. This multi-channel approach allows us to establish a picture of the cashflow of your life. What changes need to be made in order to allow you live the life you want to lead? What pieces of the jigsaw are missing?

5 Step Financial Planning Model

This is our tried and trusted process, which gives you ownership of your financial future, with all the support from us you need.

Your Goals

Your unique life is the cornerstone of all that we do. We start by listening and learning about you and your current financial life, considering your financial objectives and agreeing how we might work best together.

Your Needs

The next step is to understand where you are today. We analyse in detail your current financial situation and review your current financial arrangements. Your financial needs will then be identified and prioritised. 

Your Plan

You need a roadmap to guide your financial life. This is your bespoke financial plan, that makes recommendations to achieve your financial goals and helps you to live the life that you want. 

Your Solutions

You deserve the very best and most appropriate financial products to meet your particular needs. These will be sourced for you on the most favourable terms available, and seamlessly put in place.

Your Future

Your goals and needs will change and you require a partner who will help you throughout life. We will meet you regularly, review your changing situation and take action to achieve the best outcomes for you.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

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Life Choices

Our role is to guide you in making the right financial decisions. We consider all aspects of your financial future, investment, planning and financial protection. You will learn that we play a much more significant role than expected.

Some questions your financial consultant will be able to unravel for you: 

  • Will I ever run out of money? How do I avoid this?
  • Am I saving enough to live the life I want to lead?
  • Can I afford to stop saving?
  • Is early retirement an option for me – or is it out of the question?
  • How will my family survive if I get sick or die?
  • Do I need to choose between holidays/education for my children?

What we Offer at SYS

At SYS Group, we offer a broad range of financial services, that are designed to assist our clients, no matter what stage of life they are at. We have over 20 experienced and trusted financial consultants, based all over Ireland. 

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Awards and Accreditations

The awards and accreditations we have achieved verify our commitment to excellence. They reassure our clients that we are not content to be ordinary and that reaching for higher standards is what drives us.

Professional woman sat at desk

“From day one I have found both Tony and the SYS Group to be a company that I am comfortable and happy to invest my pension with. From my perspective they took the time to get to know me as a client and my individual needs. Keith was assigned to me and I have found him to be as professional and interested as Tony is, proving the ethos of the business flows through all the staff. The response time to all queries is very quick and there is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question, which I found very refreshing as the intricacies of pensions seems to confuse most of us.

I would and have recommended SYS Group to friends and colleagues.”

Helen Geary, Branch Manager Cara Credit Union Ltd – SYS Group Client

Latest News and Insights

Our consultants have written a variety of blogs, to help you to understand the nuances between different services. If you are still unsure about any service, please email us on or ring us on 067 57057