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Private Client Investing

Each private client is different. With an eye on your medium-to-long-term investment goals, we assess your strategy or develop a new strategy designed to deliver healthy returns within your risk parameters and time frames.

There are certain questions you may no longer know the answer to:

  • How tax-efficient are my investments?
  • Am I over-exposed to one market, industry or asset class?
  • Is my portfolio on track to meet my financial objectives?
  • Is my portfolio strong enough to resist economic shocks?
  • Could I be getting a better return somewhere else?

One of our experienced private wealth consultants will find the answers to those questions and help you feel confident about your portfolio. If you are looking to diversify, talk to us about bonds, property, private equity, infrastructure, commodities or ESG investing.

“Invest for the long haul. Don’t get too greedy and don’t get too scared” Shelby Davis

Family office services

If you are a member of a high-net-worth family, talk to us about getting tailored investment and asset allocation advice from a single trusted wealth consultant who has taken the time to understand your circumstances, goals and risk profile. Rest assured that discretion is one of our cornerstones. SYS Tax Ltd is an invaluable resource when it comes to serving high-net-worth families.

The All Weather Portfolio

The SYS All-weather Portfolio is unique in the marketplace – a bespoke investment portfolio curated in-house by the SYS Group and available exclusively to our clients.

It is a portfolio of top-performing funds using both active and passive investment strategies wrapped in a transparent, low-fee structure. It is a truly diversified portfolio, made up of real return, European inflation-linked bonds, global infrastructure, global real estate, fixed income, multi-asset funds and commodities.

The low-fee structure of the All-weather Portfolio means more of any potential growth goes into your pocket rather than the fund managers’. The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Have a complimentary 30-minute conversation about the All-Weather Portfolio with a member of our SYS Private team.

”The fundamentals of investment - diversification and transparency - are absolutely essential particularly in the very unusual economic and investment climate we are in today and that’s why the SYS All-weather Portfolio ticks so many boxes in terms of sensible investment strategy.”

Investment Criteria Checklist

There are 8 criteria underpinning our clients’ investment success.

A tried and tested process

At SYS, we know that financial planning is a journey over many years. We developed the SYS Journey to Financial Freedom to ensure you achieve the life that you want to live. Investing is just one part of it.

  • Review your financial goals 
  • Identify and manage any risks to the achievement of these goals

  • Get a 360-degree view of your circumstances 
  • Identify future anticipated changes 
  • Review your appetite, capacity and need for investment risk
  • Review the economic backdrop in relation to your plan 
  • Review investment markets and their impact on the achievement of your plan 
  • Review legislation / taxation changes that could impact your plan 
  • Review relevant new developments and solutions in the market
  • Assess your portfolio construction 
  • Review its suitability for the achievement of your financial objectives Review the asset allocation of your investment or pension portfolio against their ability to meet future objectives
  • Review your portfolio’s performance in achieving your required outcomes
  • Rebalance the portfolio in line with required asset allocation
  • Model your anticipated future income and expenditure 
  • Identify and integrate one-off financial events into the model 
  • See your future financial capacity for every year until your death 
  • Examine how future financial strategies might play out
  • Discuss other financial objectives that are currently not being addressed Integrate them in the plan where required 
  • Find suitable solutions to address these needs
  • Discuss any other financial issues you are facing that are outside our remit but where our opinion may be of help
  • Provide guidance in relation to other areas linked to personal financial planning
  • Refer you to trusted partners for expert assistance as required
  • Schedule future reviews to ensure your investment strategy is aligned to any changes in your circumstances

Why SYS Private

  • Private wealth management requires a deeper understanding of tax, governance and regulatory issues than many financial services firms possess. It calls for a stewardship role which can only be delivered by experienced wealth management consultants. 
  • We are a multi-award winning wealth management provider setting new standards in the Irish market for private clients and families. Our private client arm is driven by protecting and growing your assets. We have €250 million in funds under management, and growing, yet we are not a huge company. This means you will get a very personal service and will always be able to speak to your consultant, who has that complete picture of your financial affairs.
  • We have experienced private wealth consultants who have worked with clients like you for years, and we have an in-house tax adviser, who is an invaluable resource for our private clients.

It is our mission to provide you with the best financial advice on the market

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Latest News and Insights

Our consultants have written a variety of blogs, to help you to understand the nuances between different services. If you are still unsure about any service, please email us on info@sysgroup.ie or ring us on 067 57057