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I’m Keith Dundon. I’m in my 20s and I’ve found that my friends are just not switched on to their personal finances. As a financial planner, I find the industry to be part of the problem – everything’s made to sound so complicated and difficult, and don’t start me on the jargon!

So my mission became to energise us – millennials and Gen Zs – about our finances; to get us talking about them, and more importantly, taking control of them. I am dedicated to teaching you habits that will have a positive impact on your financial life in the long term.

Stick with me and you will feel financially comfortable faster.


Financial Coaching - What to Expect

There is nothing scary or hard about working with a financial coach – it’s just sitting down with somebody very like you, who gets exactly what your concerns are, but has done the training and understands how personal finance works. The objective of financial coaching is that at some point you won’t need me anymore because you will have embedded good money habits into your mindset. We can focus on specific issues that are important for you like getting mortgage ready or setting up your pension.


What can you expect from financial coaching?

  • To have a better grasp of personal finance matters
  • To feel in control of money rather than controlled by it
  • To be less likely to make regrettable financial decisions
  • To learn good money habits like setting goals
  • To gain confidence in your ability to reach goals, financial and otherwise
  • To tackle specific issues like getting mortgage ready or setting up a pension
  • Financial literacy – to be able to understand and talk about your personal finances

Money Management and Budgeting

We aren’t taught this stuff in school but as part of my Financial Coaching programme you will pick up real-world skills in this area that will be immediately useful.

Money management is the difference between having a good income but never having any money, and having a good income and being able achieve the things you want or need to, be it paying off a student loan, saving for a deposit on a place of your own, taking a year out to travel, or saving to do a course that will really give your career a boost. It’s the difference between going around in circles and moving on.

What can you expect from learning money management skills?

  • How to keep track of your income and your expenses and maintain a budget
  • How to predict when you will need more money than you typically have in your current account
  • How to avoid costly fees and charges from your bank or credit card company
  • The discipline of saving and the power of compound interest
  • Getting into the habit of accumulating wealth with purpose
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“From day one I have found both Tony and the SYS Group to be a company that I am comfortable and happy to invest my pension with. From my perspective they took the time to get to know me as a client and my individual needs. Keith was assigned to me and I have found him to be as professional and interested as Tony is, proving the ethos of the business flows through all the staff. The response time to all queries is very quick and there is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question, which I found very refreshing as the intricacies of pensions seems to confuse most of us.

I would and have recommended SYS Group to friends and colleagues.”


Helen Geary, Branch Manager Cara Credit Union Ltd – SYS Group Client

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SYS was established in 2015 to bring a new standard in financial planning to business owners, professionals and families. From our network of offices across Ireland, our team of experienced and expert financial consultants deliver valuable and unbiased financial advice. 

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