Have you thought about what your legacy will be?

Estate Planning and Business Succession Planning

Leaving a legacy is a wonderful thing to be able to do, but to be effective, it requires planning, and the earlier you start the better. This may include putting in place a plan to avoid your loved ones being burdened with unmanageable inheritance tax (Capital Acquisitions Tax) bills. We work closely with SYS Tax Ltd and value their expertise when it comes to estate planning.

Your own personal estate includes all your sources of wealth. If your assets include one or more businesses, then you must also engage in succession planning, which is taking steps to ensure you have a viable business to pass on and putting in place a strategy that will enable it to continue to operate smoothly as you step away and the next generation steps up. 

You may have philanthropic aspirations and we can help you achieve them in an efficient way.

It can feel like a minefield, but the key is preparation. We are here to prepare and guide individuals and families through estate planning and succession conversations so that the legacy they leave is the one they aspired to.

"Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark" Richard Cushing

Business succession; Areas for consideration

There are a number of matters to contemplate when planning for succession. For example:

  • Have succession rights for your spouse and children been properly addressed?
  • Who do you want to benefit from your assets and to what extent?
  • Should you have a Power of Attorney in place? If so, what should it cover?
  • Should certain assets pass to certain beneficiaries e.g. should a family business pass to a child working in the business?
  • Is there a benefit to transferring assets during your lifetime or is it preferable that they form part of your estate?
  • Are there benefits in setting up a trust?  Have you considered the tax implications of this?

Why SYS Private

  • Private wealth management requires a deeper understanding of tax, governance and regulatory issues than many financial services firms possess. It calls for a stewardship role which can only be delivered by experienced wealth management consultants. 
  • We are a multi-award winning wealth management provider setting new standards in the Irish market for private clients and families. Our private client arm is driven by protecting and growing your assets. We are at heart a family business, which means you will get a very personal service and will always be able to speak to your consultant, who has that complete picture of your financial world.
  • We have €250 million in funds under management, and growing. Our experienced private wealth consultants have worked with clients like you for years, and we have an in-house tax adviser, who is an invaluable resource for our private clients.

It is our mission to provide you with the best financial advice on the market

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