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Forensic portfolio analysis

Our clients sometimes come to us in a state of frustration because they don’t know exactly how their money is performing, what fees they are paying and what investment risk they are taking. We have developed an antidote to this frustration; it is Forensic Portfolio Analysis, an 8-pillar assessment model that turns confusion to clarity. 

Knowing how your portfolio is really performing under these 8 investment criteria gives you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your investments that could dramatically improve your future – with our help.

"Analysis is the art of creation through destruction"

How does it work?

We deconstruct your entire portfolio and carry out a forensic analysis under 8 investment criteria. The analysis is objective – it’s like a medical second opinion in many ways. The result gives you either peace of mind or clarity of purpose – you will know what you need to do to restore the balance, and we will guide you in this. Our expertise allows us to review the myriad investment options available, many of which are complex, and recommend the best blended portfolio for you personally

Why SYS Private

  • Private wealth management requires a deeper understanding of tax, governance and regulatory issues than many financial services firms possess. It calls for a stewardship role which can only be delivered by experienced wealth management consultants. 
  • We are a multi-award winning wealth management provider setting new standards in the Irish market for private clients and families. Our private client arm is driven by protecting and growing your assets. We are at heart a family business, which means you will get a very personal service and will always be able to speak to your consultant, who has that complete picture of your financial world.
  • We have €250 million in funds under management, and growing. Our experienced private wealth consultants have worked with clients like you for years, and we have an in-house tax adviser, who is an invaluable resource for our private clients.

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