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Financial Planning FAQ’s

SYS Group aims to provide its clients and the general public with the best financial planning advice in the industry. Our goal is to ensure you have the knowledge that will help you make the right financial planning decisions. Our expertise lies in retirement planning, investments & savings, inheritance & succession planning, and in particular the whole area of tax efficient structures.

Take a look at our most frequently asked finance questions below. If we didn’t answer your question, you can reach us at the contact us button.

Your financial future is secured through financial planning. 

Our financial planners work closely with you to understand your financial position. They ask you questions to determine what are your financial goals and how to help you get there.

When approaching your financial plan, our planners will take the following into consideration:

  • It’s about you, not us – we work for you and your future. 
  • Planning led, not product led – your plan must be suited to your needs
  • Integrated, not isolated – all the pieces of your plan must fit together
  • Best-in-class solutions – we are brokers. This means we have more options to bring to your table. 
  • Experience and expertise – our planners have almost 500 years of combined experience. 
  •  Long-term relationships – it requires focus and discipline to build and benefit from a financial plan. We are with you along that journey.


Once your planner has generated the bespoke solution tailored to your needs, you will have a clear roadmap and structure to managing your finances. Ultimately, helping you protect the present and plan for the future, giving you financial security and peace of mind throughout your life cycle

Sometimes it can seem like everyone is a personal finance expert. Invest in this, don’t invest in that, put everything in cash! Things can get confusing when it comes to making the right financial decisions. Our Financial Planners are experts in the areas of retirement planning, tax planning, wealth management, mortgages, income protection and everything in between. 

You want your money to work for you. What do you need to achieve? Do you have goals you wish to reach? Do you want to retire by a certain age? Reflecting on these questions will help you identify next steps. 

Ultimately, having a financial plan will give you peace of mind and rid you of the stresses that will come about from financial burdens.

Depending on the service you wish to avail of, there may or may not be a charge for a consultation with an SYS Financial Planner. 

An initial financial consultation is free of charge. A fee is attached to a mortgage consultation. For more information on these charges, you can visit our terms of business

You might have heard them being referred to as a financial planner, financial adviser or financial consultant. Bringing it back to basics, it is an expert whose purpose is to guide you through the financial planning process to achieve financial security. 

When asked what their role entails at SYS Group, our planners say, “we provide financial peace of mind to our clients”. Our team reviews your financial situation to determine where your money is best placed. By reviewing your finances and understanding your goals, our planners will help you achieve the goal you have and the future you envisage for yourself. 

Retirement planning is to help you determine your financial goals and objectives for your life after work and what it will take to achieve them. It will include highlighting potential income sources, projecting expenses, building strategies, and managing the investment. The focus is put on what age you want to retire, the type of life you would like, what income will be sufficient and tax efficient, what assets will you need to have accumulated to provide this income and finally are your current plans on track to achieving these goals. There are  different strategies and solutions that can be used to achieve your retirement goals and provide financial security. All of these strategies can be used to build assets that can provide passive income or funds that will offer financial stability and security in life after work. 

Contributing to a pension is only one potential solution that can be used to help people prepare for retirement. There are many different types of pensions, for example company pension schemes, personal pensions and PRSAs, etc. The one you use would be depending on your circumstances and your objectives. Pensions are the most tax-efficient retirement planning tool. 

Imagine the scenario: you suddenly you fall ill and are unable to work. You may be thinking, ‘I have sick pay through work, I’ll be fine,’ but have you considered the long-term impact on your finances if you’re unable to work for an extended period of time?

By having Income Protection in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive a regular income even if you’re unable to work due to illness or injury. This will help you maintain your standard of living and cover your financial obligations, such as mortgage or rent payments, bills, and other expenses.

Without Salary Protection, you could be forced to rely on your savings or government benefits, which may not be enough to cover your living expenses. This can lead to financial stress and potentially put your home and other assets at risk.

Take the next financial planning step

Now that you have a bit more information, you are better equipped to meet one of our planners. 

Why not take a look at our team to see if there’s someone that suits your geographical area or needs? Our planners are dotted across the country from Cork to Waterford!

If you would rather skip all those steps and speak directly with the team, click the button below and start your financial planning journey! 

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