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Group CEO Becomes CARI Ambassador

SYS Group CEO Tony Delaney has become an ambassador for the charitable organisation, CARI.


CEO Tony Delaney who himself was a victim of child sexual abuse is hoping that he can assist CARI in raising its profile and funds for the organisation. 

Speaking about CARI and the significance of what it does, Tony said, “As a child sexual abuse victim, I understand first-hand the impacts that it can have on a child’s life and into your adult life,” he said. “We know that children and their loved ones struggle to navigate the effects of the abuse. It often seems like there is nowhere to turn to for guidance or support and I believe CARI’s child sexual abuse helpline would assist the victim and their families voyage this trauma.”

Charitable Goal

The charity ‘Children at risk Ireland’ or CARI – is headquartered in Limerick. CARI has launched an appeal to raise €85,000 to fund the yearly cost of running its helpline which at present is not Government funded.

In a bid to raise awareness for CARI, Tony has become a CARI Ambassador after he opened up about how he was sexually abused by a club player when he was just a boy. Tony recently appeared on the Late Late Show to discuss his experience.

Team Support

The broader team at SYS Group has rallied behind their CEO and echoed support for both Tony and the charity. 

If you would like more information about CARI, you can visit their website here

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