How Current Events Influence Financial Advice

At SYS Group, we provide our clients across Ireland with full-service financial advice, in even the most trying times.

With current events changing at a rapid rate around the world, it’s important to consult with professionals who know the market, their clients’ goals and aspirations and how to reach these heights.

Current European events

With the ongoing war in Ukraine and its added effects of immigration, market changes and rising inflation, it’s understandable that you may be feeling uncertain about your financial future.

Compounding the war in Ukraine are the severe sanctions placed on Russia. This has increased fuel prices, doubling down on rising inflations rates, which have risen to almost 7%  across Europe.

Concerns for the Irish Market

The Irish economy has also contracted by 5.4% in the final quarter of 2021. This was a shock to many as overall the Irish economy grew throughout 2021, posting an expansion of over 13.5%.

All of this news does not sound promising for the second quarter of 2022, but with sound financial advice, these issues do not have to affect your goals and plans for 2022.

SYS Providing Smart Financial Solutions

Now is the time to heed financial advice and learn how best to protect and even increase your financial holdings and portfolios.

SYS Group’s financial experts use simple and smart solutions for financial peace of mind.

This is done to protect and increase your investments whether they are private or commercial financial dealings.

As financial advisors, it is our job to not only look at investment opportunities but current events both at home and abroad and how they affect your goals. This allows us to provide a holistic approach to our consultancy and management services.


Though news from home and abroad may not highlight the best time to invest, there are plenty of opportunities for Irish customers both big and small which make the right choices regarding their finances.

Is now the time for retirement planning or to invest in a first-time property?

Before you make any decisions it’s important to connect with your financial advisor.

Find out what the experts know and learn to invest smartly.

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