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March COVID19 updates

The term ‘health is your wealth’ is an often used quote, and no truer a phrase for the times we currently live in. However as Wuhan, the epicentre of the Coronavirus is now starting to report no new infections, it is timely to also reflect on your own monetary goals for the years ahead.

Remember it’s always okay to worry, but by reading this short note, we hope it helps you through this current period, and look on in a far more positive manner towards the future and opportunities that inevitably lie ahead.

Well laid plans and the effects of the real world…

It was early January, and the SYS Group team were looking forward to another successful year. Much like previous years, we had a defined roadmap of events and marketing activities laid out, with a goal to add more real and significant value to our ever expanding client base across the island of Ireland.

We had recruited some superb new people, stockmarkets were moving to new highs, and the domestic economy was continuing to benefit from both domestic and foreign business success stories. 

Then that all ended, with the Rugby, Brexit, a snap General Election, and something called Coronavirus…

So what now…

If we can quote Greek philosopher Epictetus; “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react that matters.”

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(i) Patient or longer term capital will reward investors over time

(ii) Compounding returns can accelerate this process even further, (i.e.) investing and reinvesting on a regular basis

(iii) ‘Black Swan’ events that that are said to occur very rarely, DO still occur, and their timing can never really be predicted – FACT

(iv) Therefore market timing in terms of your entry or exit is an equally futile task. Evidence over time suggests that investing for the longer term, and accepting the swings is a far better approach

(v) Sitting tight can be difficult, but in previous market downturns those who did so were amply rewarded over the longer term

(vi) This time is no different to either the DotCom or Credit crunch, as human nature does not change

(vii) Declines like the ones that we are currently seeing are common, and within any stock market cycle there will always be winning and losing industry groups and individual stocks

Remember it’s not just the stock market that can yield returns for you over the longer term, and that’s why we have plenty of exclusive (but limited) solutions in terms of Asset and Governmental backed lending opportunities. I have said it before, and I will say it again, we are firm believers in a balanced approach that takes in a ‘blend’ of property, government bonds and stocks, and this is one of the reasons our client portfolios have held up very well versus the wider markets (many of which are lower by nearly 30%) since the start of the year.

Notwithstanding the above, myself and the team at SYS are firmly with you. We have the seasoned expertise of both bull and bear markets. More importantly, we are here to help and support you for the longer term. So if you want to meet myself or the team at anytime, simply pick up the phone and call us to arrange a face to face meeting or a simple (video) phone call.

If I can return to the start of this note, Wuhan, and indeed China is now showing that this current disruption will pass. Remember that after every storm comes calm, and at SYS our proven expertise is in guiding you through both. 

A final message…for now

Put simply, and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, CALL ME, or your local SYS Professional if you feel the slightest bit worried, either about the markets or anything else.

Thanks once again for your valued support.

Kind regards

Tony Delaney


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