SYS Group Shares 2023 Q2 Market Report

SYS Group is delighted to share its quarterly market report once again. 

Each quarter, SYS Group compiles this report and shares it with its clients so that they might benefit from having this information.

You can view the previous quarter’s report here

Market Takeaways

In case you do not wish to read the full report, we have plucked three key points from it. Information in this report includes:

  • The MSCI World Growth index gained 10.0% in Q2, as against 2.6% for its value counterpart.

  • The first quarter ended with widespread fears of a banking crisis. There is little evidence so far of a more widespread problem.

  • Consensus profit forecasts suggest that stock markets are not priced for a recession. They will undoubtedly suffer renewed volatility if it comes to pass.

Download Market Report

Are you interested in getting a copy of this report? You can download it at the link below.

View SYS Group Quarterly Market Report Q2 23

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